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Appart' Tourism Paris Porte de Versailles

Three furnished rental apartments located in Paris Porte de Versailles / Eiffel Tower

A compromise between the hotel, the guest room and the aparthotel which offers you an original and friendly solution close to the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center: Nautical Show, World Auto Show, Agriculture Fair, Palais Sports, Tour Triangle ...

Feel at home while enjoying services like at the hotel : free luggage storage, free concierge.

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Close to the Exhibition Center Paris

Just close to the Exhibition center Paris Porte de Versailles, at 15 min walk to the Eiffel tower, Just choose your apartment    Go                                                                                                    Appart' Hameau 36, rue du...

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Appart' Hameau

36 rue du Hameau – 75015 PARIS. Capacity 4 people. Close to the Exhibition Center Paris Porte de Versailles. Go                                                   36 rue du Hameau – 75015 PARIS Appartement 2 pièces...

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Appart' Serres

83 rue Olivier de Serres – 75015 PARIS. Capacity 2 people. Cozy and practical. Go                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   83 rue Olivier de Serres– 75015 PARIS Apartement 1 room Capacity : 2...

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